about us

Pemberton Haven was established in 2015 by like-minded individuals who share an affinity for the natural beauty and bounty that the Pemberton Valley has to offer. By utilizing tried and true market garden farming methods, we work together to provide the Sea to Sky and Greater Vancouver area with the finest produce, lamb, and honey that this beautiful valley has to offer.

Farm Manager

Team Members

Managing Partner

Mark Schroeder

As a native of Alberta, Mark spent some of the most memorable years of his youth playing in the pristine Rocky Mountains. This is where his deeply rooted love affair for big mountain ranges, glaciers and jagged peaks began. In 1994 he left Alberta to start work in BC’s Silviculture industry. Planting trees throughout most of the province and bouncing back home for winters, he made the permanent move to Whistler in 1997. After immersing himself in the mountain culture of Whistler and playing to no end in its surrounding back country, it wasn’t long before Mark discovered the beauty and fertility of the Pemberton Meadows. First moving to town in 2004 then transitioning up the valley to Pemberton Haven’s current location in 2015. Respecting the rich farming history that Pemberton has to offer, Marks goal is to contribute to the Pemberton farming communities amazing legacy and to grow the Pemberton Haven farm in a sustainable manner.”

Farm Manager

Jeff Williams

Growing up in one of southwestern Ontario’s rich agricultural communities, Jeff has always had an affinity for the farming lifestyle and quality food. In 2008, Jeff made the move to beautiful Whistler to experience mountain life and all the amazing thing it has to offer. After years of discovering many of the different communities around British Columbia, he made the move to re-engage with the farming lifestyle has was raised to love. Jeff joined the team in 2017 and his goal was simple – have everything from the fresh produce to the finest lamb reflect the beauty and quality Pemberton’s mountains and its farming community have to offer.

Relationship Manager

Di Tomaso

Born and raised in British Columbia in a small northern town, Michelle is the daughter of hard-working coal mining parents. She always had aspirations of living in a big city and moved to Vancouver in 1989. For years she has working in various industries and has had numerous exciting jobs that bring a tremendous amount of life experiences. Michelle still keeps the small town lifestyle close to her heart and is thrilled to bring her skills and experience to the Pemberton Haven team.


Jan “Honza”

After travelling to Whistler in 2011 from the Czech Republic, Honza fell in love with the majestic Coastal Mountains and in 2016, he decided to make Pemberton his permanent home. Since being introduced to beekeeping 12 years ago by his Granddad, Honza has become fascinated with everything bees. Driven by this fascination, he attended his local agricultural university to study bees more in depth. He is excited to bring his knowledge and experience to Canada and the Pemberton Haven family.

Farm Hand

Mikey Delesalle

Mikey has been on the farm since its inception and he enjoys seeding crops in the fields, harvesting, and taking care of our livestock.

Farm Hand

Joey Delesalle

Joey has been on the farm since its inception and he enjoys operating farm equipment, seeding crops in the fields, harvesting vegetables, and taking care of our livestock.

Farming Locations

Produce Production Epicenter

The heartbeat of Pemberton Produce, this location is responsible for the growth of our premium vegetables, both root and leafy greens, for distribution to 

a grocery store near you!

The Development center

Propagation begins in our state of the art 3000 sq. ft. greenhouse where we carefully monitor the growth of each vegetable variety. This facility is home for our starter plants and hanging basket programs, where we are constantly innovating and trying to come up with new ways to serve you!

Pemberton Haven Growing Center

The focus center for root and leafy green vegetables for restaurant production. We work with chefs & restaurant managers alike to cultivate and grow produce that fits their needs!