Located in the beautiful Pemberton Valley, our farm provides an excellent selection of the highest quality produce from a market garden style of production. We specify and grow crops to meet and exceed the standards of some of the finest chefs in the Sea to Sky and Greater Vancouver area. Pemberton Haven Farms deals directly with chefs and restaurant groups to enhance every plate with only the finest produce the Pemberton Meadows have to offer.

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Our Premium Honey is sold out

Thank you to all who supported our honey season this year… we are humbled and grateful. We promise to keep you in the loop when our 2021 harvest has started.

Our lambs are born raised and finished in the Pemberton Meadows. They live a calm, relaxed life savouring and nibbling on the polyculture of grasses that we have in our meadows. We strive to rotate our lambs through our pasture during the summer months which gives them fresh grass to feed off and helps with the regeneration and biodiversity of our soils.

Our lambs are born early in the year and are selectively finished in the Fall, to ensure our herd can continually move forward from one generation to the next.

Where to Find

Where to Find