At Pemberton Produce, we strive to provide the highest quality produce, at the fairest prices, for retailers throughout the Sea to Sky and Greater Vancouver area. We offer delivery services, along with branded marketing materials to establish consistent availability and quality of our produce.

Our Products:

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French Breakfast – crisp texture with a mild spicy flavour; perfect for salads, sandwiches, or refreshing snacks.

Easter Egg – ranging in colour from white, purple, pink or crimson, these radishes feature a crisp texture and have a traditional mild radish flavour.

Hakurei – crisp, even texture and delicious raw flavour, the Hakurei Turnip is a variety often referred to as a salad turnip.

Napoli – with dark green tops and an excellent sweet flavour, Napoli Carrots have a very vibrant colour and have slightly tapered roots.

Chioggia – Also known as the ‘Candy Cane Beet’, it has notable deep pink and white spirals in the center and a very sweet beet flavour.

Boro – With a smooth, rich red skin and excellent flavour, the Boro beet is well known for having big healthy greens on its top which we recommend using on salads.

Bolder – This bright golden yellow beauty has good vigor, performance and sweet flavour

Avalanche -This refined white beet is mild, very sweet and keeps it’s white colour inside and out while  lacking the bitter aftertaste that other white beets tend to possess.

Green Butter – Loose, round-shaped heads of tender, sweet leaves.

Red Butter – Green Butter’s Sister, with delicate deep red leaves and a buttery, slightly sweet palate.

Coastal Star – This hardy head of romaine is matched with a smooth texture and sweet flavour.

Sweet Green Salanova – Sweet in  flavour with crunchy, crisp and succulent leaves.

Sweet Red Salanova – Double red leaves, a very defined, three-dimensional shape and sweet flavour has this compared with a crisp iceberg-like texture.

Incised Green Salanova – Sweet in taste with frilled leaves this would make an  excellent addition to any mixed green salad.

Incised Red Salanova – Red frilled leaves that are sweet in flavour and great for that added pop of colour to any salad.