At Pemberton Produce, we strive to provide the highest quality produce, at the fairest prices, for retailers throughout the Sea to Sky and Greater Vancouver area. We offer delivery services, along with branded marketing materials to establish consistent availability and quality of our produce.

Our Products:

Napoli Carrots

With its bright orange roots and dark green tops, this beautiful Nante variety of carrot has an excellent sweet flavour, fine texture and mild, juicy crunch. 

French breakfast radishes

This beautiful heirloom radish, has a long oblong bulb and edible leaves is a gorgeous scarlet rose & white in colour.  Super crisp this finishes any summer salad with a mild peppery flavour.


easter egg radishes

Petite and round with a wiry tap root and edible leaves, this radish bunch is easy to spot with its brilliant colours of white, pink, crimson & purple.  A bright white centre with super crisp  and mild peppery flavour is a welcome addition to any salad.